Wednesday, 28 August 2013

London Diary: God must be crazy

London Diary- God must be crazy

The last to lasts month’s devastation was enough to prove that God must be crazy and here we go again. Another religious place in Uttarkashi is swept by raging river. Why? Why of all the people, God is punishing those who travelled terrains, passed tough routes, planned their savings and went all the way to see him? Why is he making an overly loved and worshipped place a mass cremation ground? What is he trying to say? What is he trying to prove? Is this an indication of the nearing end of the world or is this a global warming? 

I am sure we all have thought of this when we saw houses being swept away in seconds but I was a bit shaken when I saw the idol of Shiva slowly merging in Ganga. For some reason, the face of Shiva emitted anger of being betrayed. Why? ‘Did we betray God?’ I asked myself while browsing my regular FB page and then like flash, the answer came. We have got what we deserved. Where were we trying to find God? Why were we running like maniacs to places that have long ago been abandoned by the supreme light? The soul of these religious places has left, leaving behind just a stoned structure that chose to merge itself with nature than become a victim of human greed. The culture that started with just one sound of calming OM has so called expanded to numerous chants that sound more like noises by people who are trying to speed it up to fit their working schedule. Where is the soul that should accompany the chants? Where is the intention to connecting to the supreme? Even the prayers have become a chance to prove your social hold and we all have seen that everywhere. The one who sings the loudest in the group is apparently a bigger devotee or maybe the one who showered big bundles of money has a bigger heart. What a sham? Where is the love?

While discussing this with some friends, a few thought that this was the indication of nearing end of the world because of the rise in negativity. It did make sense but I was still uneasy. What is negativity? Its energy and energy is neither negative nor positive; our thoughts are bad or good, our intentions are pure or impure so negative energy is nothing but our own thoughts and deeds then why did God punish the nature for something that’s within us? All these thoughts were storming in while I was driving and I must admit I was not quite aware of the direction that I went to. Something was wrong and I was desperate to find the reason for the blaring anger in Shiva’s eyes. Just then like a flash the answer came in a line from a song that suddenly became audible. ‘It’s all alive within us’.
Of course! I thought. This storm, these rains, the flood, the end of the world; it’s not about earth and nature; it’s about the devil and unwanted stuff within us. 

These floods were just manifested in physical form to show how to wash out the fake feelings, impure intentions and hypocrisy in one blow and still keep the temple of truth intact in our hearts, just like the Kedarnath temple that remained unaffected by the angry rains. The end of the world is not going to happen outside, it’s something that we have to do within us. End the bad thoughts, end everything that has taken us away from truth, end the noises of numerous unwanted chants and bring us down to just one sound- the sound of our breathing, the life force and gift of God. We all have to move from proving our love for God to others to feeling the love of God within. When this happens; the temple of truth, the enlightened light and the true self will shine inside our hearts and thus will come a new era. 

SO all those who are talking about the end of the world, think again, maybe it’s already happening inside you.

Ekta Bajaj

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sometimes planning it all seems such as waste

Sometimes planning it all seems such as waste: - Ekta Bajaj

How many of us have spent sleepless nights, staring at the ceiling - planning the next big party around the corner, the big trip that's just month's ahead or even the 'to do list' for work. What if you wake up to find that life some absolutely different plans. From a moment of feeling empowered with control over just every aspect of life - home, relationships, career, you feel you have been slapped right into your face or been struck with a lightning that gives you the message loud and clear - LIFE IS VERY UNPREDECTABLE and certainly not in your hands. You wish you had laughed more when you had chance, shown more courage when circumstances were not so bad, taken few steps thats might have made the journey easiar. You regret the choices you had made and are scared of facing what you have been pushed to.

I did a show last Sunday on overcoming emotional trauma which come with a sudden twist in life. The show got a great response from listeners and I was really happy to talk to many winners who had come out of tragedies as living examples of positive change :-)

All I can say is in these times remember that BEING hurt is something that you can't stop, but being misreble is always your choice. GEAR UP and FACE the REALITY.

Move From

I am ANGRY to I am WISE
I CAN'T handle this to I am STRONG enough

Planning ahead is good but living everyday in present is even better...

Ekta Bajaj

Friday, 28 January 2011

Spiritual wisdom on sale...

There was a time when the world had very few spiritual heroes (Buddha, Krishna, Sai, Jesus, Guru Gobind ji to name just a few) and yet there was far more enlightenment and today we have a spiritual guru at every mile and yet there is darkness in hearts...think.

Have we started focussing too much on being spiritual and ...too less on BEING spirituality? Are we preaching too much and learning too less?

Ekta Bajaj

Thursday, 20 January 2011

more inspiration

Each person that is born on this earth has a specific lifetime & age before that person disappears from the stage earth. No one is immortal & has ever stayed permanently on this earth. But we all become so much involved & busy in our life on this earth that we all forget that one day we all have to leave this earth, le...ave this body. Our Life is not permanent on this earth & it is for a limited period of time after which it shall pass away. We all should know the real purpose of life....

Ekta Bajaj


Just go with the flow, yes, just follow your heart and let it take you to the flight that’s just right for you. We all have been made to do what is in our best capability…don’t hamper your flight, don’t limit the possibilities by planning too much. Each day comes with refreshed opportunities. Knowing your destination is perfect…leaving the journey to the maker.

Life may happen many times...but you will never be who you are today, u may not have these friends and may not have these dreams. Lets finish what we started in this birth itself. Let's go beyond we can imagine coz this time wont come back.

 Its good to be yourself...but better to know who you really are. People lie to themselves and that creates a confusion. Know your personality, accept you weaknesses and cherish your strengths. Be your own best critic

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Life never stops..we do

Why do we feel stuck in life at time? Why do we feel a stagnation in everything we do? Why does it seem that there is an endless wait for something new? Every minute, every moment, life is moving with the same never stops, not when you arrived, nor when you moves on unaffected, uninterrupted and unmoved by your turbulences. But what it does have is surprises at some very special moves, so don't wait for life to’s already happening. Join its rhythm and flow and feel the freedom of spirit in its motion. LIFE NEVER STOPS...YOU DO.

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Pls be a part of this positive revolution and feed in your comments. If you are in UK, you can call in the studio at 01753421016 during the show or else email at anytime!

Go Positive,
EKta Bajaj

Monday, 29 November 2010

What do we need for a good life?

A zeal to live every moment. Yes, every single moment that is passing by is an opportunity to create beautiful memories. This is your chance to create your own past which will only have pleasent memories in future.

When we are quiet, we listen more. When mind is at peace, ideas come and challenges turn into opportunities

To face the up's and down's in life without loosing our emotional balance. To face our fear and to know that nothing lasts forever...not even us.

When we believe in ourselves...the world believes in us. Never ever give up on anything in life. When you connect your energies with the universe, when you go with the live in rythem of life.

No matter who you matter what you matter what you are aimimg to do...NOTHING IS POSSIBLE IF THESE ARE MISSING FROM YOUR LIFE.

Go Positive,

Ekta Bajaj