Monday, 29 November 2010

What do we need for a good life?

A zeal to live every moment. Yes, every single moment that is passing by is an opportunity to create beautiful memories. This is your chance to create your own past which will only have pleasent memories in future.

When we are quiet, we listen more. When mind is at peace, ideas come and challenges turn into opportunities

To face the up's and down's in life without loosing our emotional balance. To face our fear and to know that nothing lasts forever...not even us.

When we believe in ourselves...the world believes in us. Never ever give up on anything in life. When you connect your energies with the universe, when you go with the live in rythem of life.

No matter who you matter what you matter what you are aimimg to do...NOTHING IS POSSIBLE IF THESE ARE MISSING FROM YOUR LIFE.

Go Positive,

Ekta Bajaj