Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Life never stops..we do

Why do we feel stuck in life at time? Why do we feel a stagnation in everything we do? Why does it seem that there is an endless wait for something new? Every minute, every moment, life is moving with the same pace...it never stops, not when you arrived, nor when you depart...it moves on unaffected, uninterrupted and unmoved by your turbulences. But what it does have is surprises at some very special moves, so don't wait for life to happen...it’s already happening. Join its rhythm and flow and feel the freedom of spirit in its motion. LIFE NEVER STOPS...YOU DO.

Join me on Sunday, 10am-1pm on Asian star at 101.6FM and www.asianstar1016.co.uk on the positive living show, Go Positive.

Pls be a part of this positive revolution and feed in your comments. If you are in UK, you can call in the studio at 01753421016 during the show or else email at studio@asianstar1016.co.uk anytime!

Go Positive,
EKta Bajaj

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